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Joining the Fight QUESTION from Jack Danison on October 30, 2001 I am continually dragged into encounters with aggressive and malevolent occult forces. That I retain both my faith and my life is a testament to the power of God. I can feel His presence by my side in these encounters. However these encounters are, to say the least, extremely unnerving. I am at the point of resigning myself to their occurence, however I am a lacking a source of spiritual guidance(other than the bible and prayer)on these matters. I am a Protestant, a Methodist actually. Unfortunately I find myself aghast at some of the directions that the churches I have available to me have gone. The pastors I have available to me are almost totally apathetic on non-temporal issues. They are more likely to refer me to a pychologist for counseling than to offer any form of spiritual surcease or advice. I am unfamiliar with the Catholic community in my area however I am at least for now unwilling to convert due to doctrinal differences which do not need to be rehashed here. I would appreciate any suggestions you have to offer. Also I have read most of the postings on this board and am aware of your stance on individuals involving themselves in these sorts of issues, however I will reiterate my sitaution in clearer terms. I am not being given an option in the occurence of these encounters, merely in how I deal with them.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 8, 2002 Dear Mr. Danison:
I will certainly be in prayer for you.
I would suggest that you check out our Spiritual Warfare Prayer catalog. There are many prayers in there that may help you with this situation.
You may modify those prayers to fit you situation, and, if you feel uncomfortable at references in the prayers that stem from Catholic teaching, you may remove those references.
The initial first aid is to stay close to God. Live the best Christian life in work, family, and devotion as you can. As an old Baptist preacher once said, The best way to keep Satan out, is to keep Jesus in.
Rid from your possession any occultic books, games, or even friends who are in the occult. Like an alcoholic, you need to stay away from occultic influences.
Then pray a Hedge Prayer of protection around yourself and your family. And also pray specific Spiritual Warfare prayers to deal with specific situations as found in our Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog.
If all this fails, then give me a call.

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