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Can anyone explain this??? QUESTION from MsMc on October 29, 2001 About two years ago I met a man- who I now know has telepathic powers so most of my questions concerning my relationship with this man have been answered...all except one. One night after having a minor argument and falling asleep I found myself in a state of what I call being half asleep/half awake- in which I was aware of my surroundings but could not awaken, during this state I had the feeling that a shadow was coming down from the top of my head (I now know this to be what is refferred to as my crown chakra) I believed this shadowy thing to be the man laying beside me- I could actually feel him coming slowly down my crown chakra and in a panic began to ask what can I do to stop this- something told me to just say no - So with all the mental stregnth I could gather I screamed NO! inside my head. The shadow continued to descend until it reached my third eye chakra then I felt it hesitate a moment before going away or ascending back out though my crown chakra. After the shadow was gone I was able to open my eyes and I looked over at my partner and realized that his body was tightly curled into a fetal like position nothing like the relaxed state of a body in sleep. I know how crazy this experiance sounds but it happened- my relationship with this man has caused me to question ever facet of life and death. I would greatly appreciate it if someone can give me an explaination of what was taking place- aside from an interest in astrology I had no knowledge of anything in the parapsychological realm until meeting this man- Please Help!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 8, 2002 Dear Miss MsMc:
What you are describing is a common experience, but it has nothing to do with chakra. There is no such thing as chakra. This is an Eastern Philosophy belief that has been co-opted by the New Age movement. The New Age movement (and astrology) is a lie and an affront to God.
Presuming that no psychiatric factors were present, or other natural phenomena, what you experienced may be a demonic presence. You must renounce astrology and frankly you need to get rid of this man who is into these forbidden areas.
Sin will allow demonic presences to occur. From what you have expressed in your question there are several very serious breaches of God's law: 1) fornication (implied from your statements about this man laying beside you in bed); 2) dabbling in Astrology (forbidden by God); 3) accepting and believing in New Age concepts (such as the chakra, which is contrary to God); and 4) involvement with a man apparently into occult and ESP experiences.
The solution is to bring Jesus Christ into your life and to renounce all things contrary to God. I realize this may not be what you want to hear, but that is the solution.
We will pray for you.

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