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Dark being QUESTION from Cain on October 28, 2001 Hi im here to ask a question on a supernatural being, im not much of a christian or catholic but this is seriously important. Me and my friends have similar things occured to us but im the worst of all,I have check the forum and found nothing but pieces of what im trying to find but no answer, so it goes like this.
Every now and then, i can always feel a dark presence in my room like someone is watching me and stuff like that, once while i was playing computer in my room i saw a dark figure around 7feet tall totally dark probably wearing a hood or a cape fly pass my door, and if i sleep in my dads room.... the door shuts and locks up automatically,pls dun call me mad or visit a psychologist for whatever happens is real and not my imagination pls reply to me if u have n answer to what it is...thank you
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 8, 2002 Dear Mr. Cain:
Well, there are several possibilities. One possibility is that it is your imagination driven by psychological anxiety or other matter.
A second possibility is that this is a demonic visitation.
I would advise that you take a look at our Spiritual Warfare Catalog. There are prayers in the Catalog that you may adapt for this situation. If these prayers do not help you, give me a call.

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