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Deamons QUESTION from Damien October 20, 2001 1) If a demon were amongst you, would you know him when you looked into his eyes? 2) If a demon were standing before you, would you recognize him? 3) If I told you I have seen them, would you believe me or call me insane? 4) If I told you that there is one within me always, what would you say?
I am completely serious and if you don't want to post it that is fine, but respond.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 1, 2002 Dear Mr. Damien:
Answer to Question #1: It is possible to recognize a demon in someone by looking into their eyes. I have experienced this. But it is not 100% since most of the time demons want to hide and not be discovered. But on ocassion they do reveal themselves through the person's eyes.
Answer to Question #2: Sometimes. As I just mentioned, demons usually wish to remain in hiding and not be easily revealed. But nevertheless there have been times in which I could sense in someone the spirit of a demon. I have also sensed the presence of demons present on their own without being attached to a human.
Answer to Question #3: No I would not call you insane necessarily. Demons do in fact exist. Sometimes they reveal themselves visually. However, I would also want you to have a psychiatric exam since seeing demons can also be a psychiatric event too.
Answer to Question #4: I would say that you need to pray to God to ask Him to remove this demon from you. (See our Spiritual Warfare Catalog). You may also want to see a psychiatrist to make sure that your experiences are not coming from a psychiatric source.
We will be praying for you.
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