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Error 401 File Not Found
Perhaps a Mosquito Demon swallowed that web page whole...
Or perhaps the link was simply misspelled?
Hey, it happens...

Due to changes made on our server the address for documents in the Papal Libraries has been changed. Please update your bookmarks. The OLD addresses were: or
The NEW ADDRESS is (the HTML document filename remains the same):
Before submitting a File Not Found Report please read the following: File Not Found errors sometimes occur even when the file is there. This can happen as a quirk in your browser, or due to net congestion, or due to temporary outages, or due to a misspelling of the URL when manually typing it into your browser.
When you receive this message, the first thing to do is to go back and try it again (if typing the URL, be sure of the spelling). Oftentimes you will get to where you are going on the second try.
If that does not work, try coming back in 15 minutes. Usually temporary outages are resolved within 15 minutes.
Only after trying these possible solutions and your still receive a File Not Found error should you submit a File Not Found Report.
File Not Found Report
Please provide the following information. It is critically important for you to tell us what page (the URL) you were on when this error occurred and what page (the URL) you were trying to get to. With more than 10,000 pages on our site, we will not be able to locate the problem without this specific information.
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