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Please help me! QUESTION from Jeff October 16, 2001 PLease help me! A while ago a freind of mine(call her Jill) faced (and is still facing) a dilemma. She allowed a few freinds to come over for a night of fun, where they conducted a seance with a Ouija Board which she did not participate in. Although the initial act of ignorance was not conducted within her house, or her premisis, later when her mother had approached a clairyvoyant, she was informed that the freinds whom had the seance brought back some spirits into her bedroom, and that there were three spirits sitting around a glass table at the back of her house, awaiting her prayers to cross over.
The bewildering part of the reading was that the clairyvoyant stated that the The problem with the situation is very clear, and that Jill was the only one who could perform the ritual to rid her house of these spirits- she is the only one with the power, and she mmust perform one prayer every night, for every spirit. This is where the dilemma comes into it, she is unaware of exactly what prayer she is to perform. I really want to help her out, she is really insecure about it and I dont think she deserves it. We want to try and free these spirits as soon as possible so could you PLEASE help us out with a prayer, as we dont know who else to turn to... thankyou.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 28, 2001 Dear Mr. Jeff :
The clairvoyant is wrong. Prayers are not restricted to Jill.
The first thing that is REQUIRED is that Jill, the mother, and any others in the household involved MUST confess their involvement with the Ouija board, clairvoyants, and any other ESP. Such things are a sin. God forbides playing around with such things.
Second, they must destroy all occultic or ESP books and ouija boards and other stuff in the house.
Third, they must renounce their involvement in this stuff. (prayer of renouncement is in the SW Prayer Catalog).
Fourth, then they can pray some of the prayers that are appropriate that are in the Spiritual Warfare Catalog to get rid of any residue spirits that were a result of this activity.
Fifth, never again play around with this stuff.
Once these things are done, if you need more help, let me know.
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