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Buying items from Satanists QUESTION from Beth Brown October 16, 2001 Hello. I've frequented a store where several employees work that are not satanists/members of the occult, or at least they don't appear to make that public. But the one in charge was obviously a Satanist. The person wore the famous pentagram with the animal (goat?) head in the middle and symbols, had a satanic themed shirt on, and various skull tattoos and other evil logos.
Being close to the same age, and having a background of similar interests (excluding satanism), I was able to enter into some friendly dialogue before the person, while wearing my very noticable crucifix. Finally towards the end of the conversation, the individual asked if I was a born again christian. I said, no, Catholic, and the individual got very nervous, barely being able to hold onto the items I was going to purchase.
I returned again a few other times to talk casually with this person, and the person seemed happy to see me, when I was talking about things common between us (largely things in my past). But, when it came time to check out, the person again got very nervous, being very clumsy with the items. (maybe because they were (AGAIN) of Catholic subject matter? heh)
I do like talking to these people and relating to them when I can, and to make a clear point that I've changed, and I'm strong in my Catholic faith. I hope by connecting with them on this intellectual level, while brief, it may serve to help them recall this later in life, if at all, and convert. My question for you is two:
1) Should I be purchasing items, even if they're Catholic, from someone who is openly Satanist?
2) Is it wise to be talking to these people at all? Can I be making a difference in their lives?
Thank you again for your attention in replying to my questions. God bless you and yours.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 28, 2001 Dear Miss Brown:
I would not advise purchasing items from such a store. It is common for Satanists to do a sort of unholy blessing (a curse) on items that they sell or distribute. Thus buying items from such a store risks bringing home not only the item you bought, but an unwelcomed hitchhiker.
As far as talking to these people, it can be valuable for them to have the presence of the Holy Spirit close to them (in the form of you being there and having the Holy Spirit in you) and to see your testimony. But I would caution you. Unless you are specifically called of God to witness to these people, it is better to stay away.
As our Blessed Mother said at Cana: Go ask Him, and do what He tells you.
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