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Anger vs Hatred QUESTION from Roy Reeder October 15, 2001 In Response to C.J. Allen's question about this topic. The book he mentioned is (I think), Back to Virtue. THe following is but a portion from the book.
The emotion of anger is made the sin of anger by the involvement of the will and it must be wrong, irrational and too strong for the occaision or the person we are angry at...'Anger becomes a mortal sin if through the fierceness of his anger a man fall away from the love of GOD and his neighbor'(Aquinas)...'Hatred,...it is not the source of further sins because it is as bad as you can get; it is the last stage of sin, the satanic stage. Satan is pure hatred, as GOD is pure love.'(Aquinas)...hatred wills evil to its object, while anger sometimes wills good. Hatred's completest expression is Damn You!--From Chapter Ten of Back to Virtue by Peter Kreeft
In Him,
Roy Reeder, Senior Novitiate, OLSM
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 28, 2001 Thanks Roy.
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