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Sinful Past (lost parts in the message) QUESTION from Paul October 13, 2001 Dear Bro.: Thank you very much for your advice. I feel however that I have to finish my story since you have received only seven of the ten points my message contained. I haven't saved the original text, but I will try to briefly summarise the remaining parts:
Even during the period of anti-catholicism, I mainteined a unexplainable reverence towards the Holy Week solemnities, especially Good Friday, and I started developing once again my respect for the Church. However, this happened in an ultra-traditionalist way. I came across schismatic ideas, I despised the Second Vatican Council and all the Supreme Pontiffs since John XXIII, which led me to the sin of sedevacantism.
I remember to have gone to mass once during Easter Time during that period, at which occasion I received the Body of the Lord on my hands, and, instead of consuming it, I desacrated the blessed Victim, because I believed that the post-Vatican II eucharistic prayers didn't bring the Body of Christ into being.
After that phase, I started seeing some incoherences in the sedevacantist ideas, and I started reading lots of official documents of the Church. That way, I started to believe again in the Mother Church and I abandoned my schismatic beliefs.
Nevertheless, I was now commiting another kind of grave sin: fornication with a girlfriend of mine. I also failed to confess fornication in the beginning. I only confessed to that sin years later, when I was already married (to another woman).
By the way: if I confess the sin of dessacration of the Eucharist, the absolution will also cleanse me from the penal sanction related to the dessacration?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 28, 2001 Dear Mr. Paul:
As mentioned in the previous answer, all this can be resolved by going to confession to confess this desecration. Once you do that the sin is cleansed and the penalty removed and you may once again live a good Catholic life in good standing.
God Bless.
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