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Reiki and Demonic Oppression QUESTION from Ann Crawford October 13, 2001 I took my daughter to a chiropractor recently on the advice of an acquaintance, and he used Reiki to treat her. I knew nothing about Reiki, but was immediately concerned that this may be demonic in nature. I began a search on the Web to find out more about it, and do not like what I have found out. Is it possible that I could have opened my daughter up to demonic oppression by exposing her to Reiki inadvertently? She is a devout Christian girl.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 28, 2001 Dear Mrs. Crawford:
It is not likely that any harm was done in this instance. But to be on the safe side, just ask God to remove any negative residue or demonic elements that might have attached itself due to this experience and to protect your daughter from any negative effects as a result of this.
Note: Chiropractor's are often involved in the New Age. Before one accepts treatment from a Chiropractor one should ask the Chiropractor what treatment modalities he uses, his therapeutic philosophy, and his view of new age medicine. If he talks about energy flows in the body, balancing energies or other similar langauge, or any other New Age ideas, then I would suggest going elsewhere.
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