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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Jewelry that may be cursed?

by Catherine Frakas 25 Aug 2002

Jewelry that may be cursed? QUESTION from Shirley October 8, 2001 Peace to you in the Lord Jesus.
I need to ask the following.
I went to a jewelry store about a week or so ago - I like silver rings and knew that this particular store had a great variety.
I noticed some rather odd looking statues, weird animals with wings but also some African looking masks and things. Also, there were crystal necklaces and different other pieces.
The lady that owns the store was wearing a lot of jewelry and I didn't particularily like what she had on - snake rings, other odd rings and things and this made me feel a bit uneasy. I am aware of the New Age Movement and felt that some of the items, (crystals, etc.) were representative of that.
I did purchase a pretty butterfly ring which I really liked at the time, even got it on sale, but have not really worn it. And then, stupidly enough, I went back a few weeks later and bought another ring - just a plain silver ring - no markings or symbols or anything, but just don't feel right about going in to this store anymore.
I feel that I may have done something wrong and feel really stupid that I didn't follow my first instinct which was to not go in. (As you can probably tell now, I seem to have a real problem with discernment; I never seem to know whether it's just my emotions acting crazy or if I could possibly be smart enough to be on the right track).
I should add that I wear a St. Benedict Crucifix and had it in full view the whole time that I was in the store hoping that they would ask me what it was but they didn't.
Sorry for the lengthy question. I try not to judge others or how they make their living but I am usually pretty good (by the Grace of the Holy Spirit) at being able to get a feel for what is right and what is not.
Could there possibly be a curse on one of these rings or is it more apt to be the fact that I didn't need to be buying them in the first place and feel guilty about it or feel more guilty because I could have given the money to the church?
Hope that I haven't given you an Excedrin headache:) but just had to ask. I plan to NOT GO IN THERE anymore. Guess I'm just kind of a nit wit.
Many thanks for your time
God Bless.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 12, 2001 Dear Mrs. Shirley:
Yes, jewelry, and any other object, can be cursed and have a demon attached to it.
In fact may missionaries have been known to have problems when they come home with artwork given to them by the local indigenous peoples they were working with. You see, the Shaman of a tribe of people sees the missionary as a threat to their power and authority. They will often offer up artwork to the demons and given that artwork to the missionaries as a gift. The artwork then acts like a Trojan Horse. The missionary brings home the item and then demonological things start happening.
The place you got this jewelry sounds like a place that I would not trust spiritually. I would advise never going there again.
As for the jewelry you already have, ask a priest to bless the jewelry with a blessing that includes a simple exorcism. It is important the this not be just a regular blessing, but a blessing that includes a simple exorcism.
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