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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Demonic Interference

by Catherine Frakas 24 Aug 2002

Demonic Interference QUESTION from Anthony October 8, 2001 Hi I need your help in a matter. I have been always involved in psychics, ouji board, superstitions etc... I have not played with the ouji board for about 13 years now. Nothing really happened when i did play except for a mysterious cut which is now a scar on my left knee. I have though believed in recarnation, going to pyschics for palm reading etc... In basically occultic things. I have not been to a pyschic now for about 2 years. The last time i went to a psychic it was for a palm reading but told me she saw darkness around me. That a spell had been put on me. She made me bath in something that looked like ice tea. She gave me a stone to pray with and had me put a jar with water in it under my bed. When i went back she swiled the water, made me blow in it and it turned black. She showed me something white swimming in the black water. She said this was te darkness or something. She also made me buy clothes for the good spirits entities around me. Did she damage me because i have not really felt good since then.
I went to a Priest and told him the story and the fact i lost 1100.00 dollars. He said he did not think i was possessed but i feel like always laughing when bad things happen to other people or feel like laughing in general because it seems i endorse evil. It seems also that i laugh at good or maybe holy things. I can not say for sure because i have had a hard time to explain this to others. My friend who is somewhat involved in white magic has told me since the day i knew her she could not go to a church because she laughs out lound. Could i have picked something up from her.
I would like to go to confession but i feel trapped. I don't pray hardly, my faith is greatly weak(catholic) and i'm involved in porno. I have been on and off with porno and impurity for a while now. Any suggestions on how to start praying again, break any evil in or around me etc...
Ps. If you could send me a reply to my email that would be appreciated. I don't know about the posting thing because it's somewhat private. If you want to post it then it will be ok.
Thanks, Anthony
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 12, 2001 Dear Mr. Anthony:
I do not accept private questions on this forum. For private consultations you must contact me privately for an appointment. At the moment I am not taking appointments until January 2002.
Since in your PS you say it is alright to post this, I am posting it. Otherwise I would have to return it to you unaswered at this time.
The first thing you need to do is to burn, and I mean burn, all books, games, etc. that are of the occult. If some item you have that is of the occult will not burn, then destroy it as best you can.
Second, NEVER again play with occult games, read occult books, or have anything to do with occult paraphrenalia. Never again see a palm reader or psychic or any other occult practitioner.
Third, sever ALL friendships and acquaintances with people involved in the occult in any way.
Fourth, go to confession and confess ALL of your occult involvments and do the penance assigned.
Fifth: After Confession pray prayers to take back the ground that Satan took from you because of your occult involvments. This prayer is found in our Spiritual Warfare Catalog.
Sixth: prayer the prayer of renouncing Ancestral Sins that is found in the Spiritual Warfare Prayer Manual.
Seventh: write down all your sins and occult involvments on a piece of paper and do the renunication ritual found in our Spiritual Warfare Catalog.
Eighth: Pray the Prayer Signatures found in our Spiritual Warfare Catalog.
Ninth: Pray any other prayers found in our Spiritual Warfare Catalog that might apply.
Tenth: spend time before the Blessed Sacrament -- at least one hour per week or more.
Eleventh: Develop devotions to the saints (whichever saint you are attracted too) to the rosary, etc, and live the good Catholic devotional life. Make use of the sacramentals to aid you in your devotion, such as Holy Water, Holy Salt, wearing a scapular, etc.
Twelth: frequent the Sacraments frequently. Confession AT LEAST once per month. Mass and Communion EVERY Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation, plus go to Daily Mass as often as you can.
From what you are telling me, the devil in not only in your yard, son, but lurking in the hallway. Throw the bum out of your house, out of your yard. The Twelve Steps above will do that.
If after doing these twelve steps for a period of time, if you are still having problems, contact me again privately. Other measures might hae to be taken.
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