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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Possession through sex?

by Catherine Frakas 28 Aug 2002

Possession through sex? QUESTION from Leon windham October 7, 2001 HI, my name is Leon, I found your sight when I did a search on demonic possession. Here is the problem, I'm a long time Christian(non-catholic), but I recently ran into a problem I'm not sure how to handle. I've had a long time friend who has been back and forth between agnosticism and atheism. I have been engaging him with the truth about Christ for many years, but it is obvious that the spiritual blinders are up. I started praying about this (should have done this a long time ago) and the spiritual message I got was demonic attack or possession, so tonight I questioned him about playing with wee-gee (don't know how to spell it) boards or the like. He said no! Then I asked him if he ever knew or had sex with someone involved in witchcraft. Bingo, he said he had.
I Believe in the power of prayer and the power of the Holy spirit to deal with such things, but if the person is totally unreceptive, what do you do? As of my pointing this out, he thinks I'm a total nut. It would take too long to tell the whole story, but I do believe that God has placed me around him as a witness for many years. The problem is that I, like many Chritians have experienced some failures as far as sin, of which he is aware, and this is continuously thrown in my face. I just keep ending up in these spiritual arguments. As of tonight, I realize that a spiritual attack I've been under for about a month may be a result of my continuing witness to my friend. Any advise you could give would help as well prayer for me in the battle and for the release of the blinders covering his (Bryce sorensen) spiritual eyes.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 12, 2001 Dear Mr. Windham:
Yes, it is possible, and in fact it is common, for people to become demonized to one level or another through sex.
Sex is not a recreational toy. Sex is an act of profound intimacy that bring the couple together as one. The Russsians have claimed that in their research in paranormal studies that they have taken pictures of the Auras of a couple kissing. As the kissing became more passionate the individual's auras began to merge into one.
I have no idea whether that reseach actually exists. The Russians were not that forthcoming in those days. But what they reported IS A SPIRITUAL REALITY. When we have sex we merge and intermingle our spirits together in a mysterious way. The Book of Genesis records this phenomenon in Genesis 2:24 Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh.
Now image becoming one flesh with a possessed person, or with a witch, or satanist, or other person of evil.
Technically, it is called transference. When we have sex with such a person, or if we are raped, a transference of the evil spirits attached to the other person can invade us. This is one reason why those who are raped should automatically seek spiritual counseling as well as medical treatment and psychological counseling.
To put is another way, if we emmerse ourselves in muddy water, we will have mud on us when we get out of the water.
As far as what to do about this. You can do nothing directly unless he WANTS to be helped.
Thus, until such time as he wants to be helped, your main duty is to pray for him and keep praying for him. Use the appropriate prayers in the Spiritual Warfare Catelog we have. But pray.
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