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Spiritual Warfare Forum: disturbed

by Catherine Frakas 31 Aug 2002

disturbed QUESTION from Robert October 5, 2001 Walking on my campus today I saw pentagrams all over the place on sidewalks in chalk and text that welcomed all solitares, pagens, wiccans, and eccentri.. (not sure how to spell the last one)to come to this new groups meeting this next Sunday. I am greatly disturbed by this groups invitation and by who it is inviting. I am, to best describe it, very angry. I am not one who normally gets mad about this kind of stuff, I am a normally a very tolarante person. I want terribly to take some action against this club (non-violent) like attending the meeting and speaking out or writing something beneath the chalk invitations on the sidewalks. I am just very upset and I want to know what I should do.
Thank you, and God bless
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 12, 2001 Dear Mr. Robert:
Well you could complain to the school administration but that will not get you anywhere. On a campus the free exchange of ideas is protected fiercely (unless you a Christian, of course).
You could organize a picket protest outside of the building where the meeting is to take place. To do that successfully you need a LOT of people. If you have only 5 or 6 people, it is still a showing of protest, but it is not too impressive. If you can get 100 or more people to protest that would be great; 1000 would be a dreamy success.
I would not go inside the meeting to cause trouble. That is not effective and will only get you labelled as discourteous.
But an old fashion campus picket protest would work. I use to do these things a lot in my days in University.
But more importantly, what you need to do is organize a campus-wide, city-wide prayer chain to pray for these misguided souls. Try to arrange a meeting room, nearby their meeting room if possible, to hold a prayer vigil.
Let me tell you a wonderful story.
I was at an International Spiritual Warfare Conference one time. During one of the plenary sessions where the whole group met in on meeting hall we all had this sense that we needed to stop the meeting and pray. So all 600 spiritual warriors began to pray.
We did not know why we needed to pray, we just knew we needed to pray.
Later that afternoon one of the spiritual warriors from our group was in the bathroom and overhead a couple of guys from a business conference that was taking place in the next meeting hall from ours. In the Business Conference for entertainment they invited a psychic. Apparently this psychic lost his powers, nothing worked for him. The psychic could not explain it. He said that it had never happened to him before.
Our man came back to our conference and told us what he overhead. We all smiled and praised God because WE KNEW what had happened even if the psychic didn't.
Can you imagine a psychic trying to do his thing with 600 professional and bold spiritual warriors in the next room all praying against occult activity?
This is one for the Prasie God books.
Go and organize a prayer vigil. Get as many people to participate as possible. Try to get a meeting room next to theirs if possible. Use some of the prayers in our Spiritual Warfare Catalog. What you are doing is spiritual warfare.
The url for the prayers is: SW Prayers
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