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Holy Communion QUESTION from Carlos October 5, 2001 I was raised in the Catholic Church and received Holy Communion for years. My marriages have been outside the faith and both failed. Am I able to take Holy Communion?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 12, 2001 Dear Mr. Carlos:
If you are currently not married to anyone, then yes you can take communion as long as there is no mortal sin on your soul. You need to go to confession regularly, which we all need to do. If you have not been to confession to confess the rebellion of marrying outside of the Church (twice) then I would suggest that you do that, confess all other sins, be washed clean of your sins when the priest absolves you, determine to not sin again (including getting married outside the church), and go live a good and fruitful Catholic life.
Should you want to get married again, you will need to talk to your pastor about the possibility of an annulment of the previous marriages.
If you are NOW married, and have not received an annulment for previous marriages then you are living in a state of sin and cannot take communion.
But from your question, I presume you are now single. Thus go to confession, and then go to communion, and determine not to make these mistakes again.
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