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Satanist's offensive and the division of the church that deals with it. QUESTION from Gregory Thompson October 2, 2001
I am glad that you keep up the fight, we need more to do so. Evil has a way to get to a person when one makes a decision to utterly fight against it. Satanists are crooked and really good at deception. My friend that I talked about the first time I typed you is getting worse. He thinks that in his so called trainning that to know your enemy is the best way to fight it. This is true but he has gone as far as to become it to know it. He has fallen. That is not what I want to ask you about though.
A satanic high priestess wrote me. She told me that she was getting out of it, and her boyfriend who happened to be a High priest beat her. This individual, the priestess kept calling and talking. I did not trust her and she asked me why. I said that 1. I must be on gaurd because of this individual who beat you is dangerous. 2. This could be a trap. After talking for 30 min. later I found out it was all a set up to do a recon work for this satanic priest.
Much more things happened simular in nature to put me against the wall but it did not work... The power of God is surely greater... The letters I recieved were handed to the police and I advise anyone who recieves anything from any satanic faction to report it to their church and report any evidence that may threaten your life. I talked to the Vicar General in our diocease about the whole thing. A note that I learned from the father: If your name is cursed because of God, you are blessed. I asked him if there was a division in the diocease that handled occult activity and traced the actions because I may have found the location where they do some blood rituals. This could be very easily dismissed as gossip but I was gonna check it out for my self and take pictures if there is any signs of any blood rituals, and then give it to them. He said there was not a division in this diocease and if anything else go to the police if I had anything to go against them. My question for you is: Is there a division in the church that tracks the diobolical activities of our enemy?
I know that the Exorcist is a Knight of God that is against the forces of hell in spirit, but is there something that defends Holyness against the things of the physical nature, against things like Satanists, Masons, and other things like the type?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 9, 2001 Dear Mr. Thompson:
Sorry to hear about your friend and his foolish actions. As the old saying goes, get too close to the flame and you will get burned. We will be in prayer for him.
Your experiences with the priestess and such illustrate WHY most people should not dabble in doing spiritual warfare work -- it is dangerous, one CAN be seduced into the occult like your friend was, like I was many years ago, and one can be in physcial and spiritual danger.
One should go on the front lines of spiritual warfare ONLY if called by God, only if dragged into it. Anyone who wants to do this work is not qualified.
I would advise that your give to the police any information you have, and not investigate this yourself.
The Church does not have an Occult Watch group as far as I know. There are many such groups out there that try to keep tabs on occult and cult groups. The Legion of St. Michael wants to put together a database that would be available to the public that would give information about the various groups.
Is there something that defends holiness against the forces of evil? Yes, frequent participation in the Sacraments, prayer, devotion, the use of sacramentals, and living the Christ life. As one old Baptist preacher one time said, The best way to keep Satan out, is to keep Jesus in.
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