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Entering known Haunted Houses QUESTION from Claire Lamb September 25, 2001 Hi. Is there a danger in entering houses that have been known to be haunted? There's a few places i've heard of that are actually historical buildings and charge for admittance, claiming they are (or were) haunted. Could you have evil spirits follow you home or would other evil spirits suddenly take interest in you because of this? I don't understand why any Catholic Christian would want to enter one of these haunted places, but I know they're quite popular. Please share your advice with us. Thanks!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 9, 2001 Dear Miss Lamb:
It is best to stay away from Satan's playground. It one plays in Satan's sandbox, you will get his sand in your shoes.
These tourest sites exploited an unheathly curiosity in the preternatural and supernatural. In most instances there is probably no harm in visiting these sites as the hauntings have long since ceased. But, on the other hand if there are actually entities infesing the places, it would be dangerous to taunt them.
There is no good reason for a Catholic to visit one of these places.
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