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Problem with prayer QUESTION from John M August 25, 2001 Dear Brother,
I have a very big problem when I pray to our Blessed Mother. When I pray the rosary I get these mental pictures in my head that are pornografic in nature. When I meditate on the mysteries I'll see a our Mother nude or some really nasty names thrown at her. I thought maybe it's my imagination, but I love her and do NOT want anything like this. It happened to me once before,and I was able to pray it away. 20 years later I broke my neck in a car accident and I lost my health, job and wife. She didn't want to be married to an invalid. I'm just now beginning to get as close to our Lord as I can. I know it's satan or one of his cohorts, but I feel so terribly guilty and I just want to pray my rosary. Thank You for your time and help and may God Bless you and your community.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 31, 2001 Dear Mr. John:
This sounds like an attack of the devil upon your imagination. I would suggest prayers concerning controlling one's thoughts that we have in our SW Prayer Catalog.
Also go before the Blessed Sacrament and talk to God about this. Ask him to protect you from these improper thoughts. Also ask your Guardian Angel for help in this matter.
Finally, when praying, keep praying no matter what happens. Lord take these images away from me perhaps can be said, but then continue with the Rosary.
Doing these things in combination over time should help.
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