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curses and spells QUESTION from Thomas August 16, 2001 Dear John Paul
Peace and Joy to you. God bless you for such a wonderful sight. I was looking through your spiritual warfare prayer and saw the you have prayer to break curses and spells. Could you tell me when this prayer would be available. My ministry is one of healing and the area that I'm in I come across clients that have been cursed or spells have been placed on them.
I thank you for you time. Bro. Thomas
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 19, 2001 Dear Bro. Thomas:
Well, as the old joke goes: I have asked God for 48 hours days, but He keeps telling me I have to get by with 24 :-)
It is purely a matter of time. It is on the top of my list however tied with about 25 other things on the top of my list :-)
This particular prayer, however, has been requested by several, so I suppose I will work on it next.
To paraphrase the movie cliche: I have built the Catalog, now the prayers must come.
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