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Freemason cornerstone cerimony... QUESTION from Sandy Perron August 11, 2001 John-Paul,
I have found that it is a common practice for the Freemasons to dedicate public buildings in during construction. Some examples would be schools, courthouse, haspitals. This practice has been going on for as long as there has been freemasonary in this State. And in fact it is still done.
I spoke with the Grand secretary of this State. He told me of a few (dedications) that were planned for the following week.... The man told me that I could look through there archives for other public buildings where this had been done in my local area, but I am not sure if I should. I did find out through library research that the County courthouse was also dedicated by the masons during construction.
I am interested in a large local hospital built back in 1922. This hospital was dedicated by the masons through a cornerstone cerimony.
This does not seem right to me, but I am not sure what could be done. What do you think?
I reading a book by Alistair Petrie called, Releasing Heaven on Earth; God's principles for restoring the land. I think it is very enlightening on this, for the most part overlooked area of cursing or defiling land.
Truly... Sandy
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 13, 2001 Dear Mrs: Perron:
Well I might do some lobbying concerning government buildings. If the government will not allow Christians to bless a building or have a Nativity Scene, then why should Christians be scandalized by Masons being allowed to dedicate buildings.
Of course the Masons will stay they are not a religion, but that is a lie. They do in fact hold to a theology. And this theology is an affront to Christians.
You can also use Spiritual Warfare prayers to neutralize the Masonic dedication and re-bless the building with Christian blessings. That is probably you best approach.
I give a prayer of exorcism and blessing to the Planned Parenthood building everytime I happen to pass by.
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