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Dream QUESTION from Louis July 26, 2001 Fr. John-Paul,
I have in the recent past been really developing my faith and my life in the church. I had a dream in which a strangely dressed man appeared. He had a book in his hands which he opened with the pages facing me. He said: This is what you need to read. in an inviting yet authoritative tone. When I approached closer to try and see what it was, the text appeared to be of some occult nature. When I immediately then recognized who this was, he (it) vanished. I have never been tempted in such a direct way like this before. Could you please comment?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 27, 2001 Dear Mr. Louis:
Thanks for the promotion, but I am not a priest, just a lay brother.
I really don't have much to comment. This may have been a simple dream to remind you to stay close to the Church. Or, given the fact you have made recent developments in your faith you may have caught the attention of the evil one and he decided to try to scare you or tempt you into a direction away from God.
The response is always to shew such things away when your recognize who it is. Father, take this thing away from me.
Always be aware of the devil's schemes. He is a sneaky dude and can come at you in the most unexpected ways, and even in seemingly innocent ways. This dream perhaps is a reminded to be on guard.
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