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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Can a Demon choose you against your will?

by Catherine Frakas 30 Oct 2002

Can a Demon choose you against your will? QUESTION from John July 26, 2001 I am 19 years old and was raised Roman Catholic.
When I was 6 years old I was looking for my mother one morning before school and when I walked into the laundry room, I saw standing in the doorway a shadow figure (7 feet tall give or take) with glowing red eyes. I lost some sleep over this particular incident but eventually dismissed it.
Later that year my parents divorced and we moved from where we were living in Florida to my mothers' aunts home in South Carolina.
About eight months after we moved in with Aunt Mary I had the same experience in the doorway to my mothers' bedroom. Once again I lost some sleep over the encounter but once again I thought little of it beyond the normal fear involved with such an encounter.
Then it stopped. I leved happily for the next 12 years with some encounters here and there but nothing of note and not with what I had previously encountered.
A little over a year ago Mary died at the ripe old age of 90 (actually 3 months short of it). Soon thereafter a close friend of mine became engaged to a wonderful girl who we (his friends) all feel will do him a world of good (this is all important).
In any case about 4 months ago David (my aforementioned friend) began having dreams about his grandparents who had raised him and have both been dead for at least 2 years. The reccurring theme in these dreams was that his grandmother was unaware of her current state (decomposing).
After Mary's death strange sounds and some events started happening in our home. My mother began experiencing nightmares in which Aunt Mary seemed not herself she looked the same but her eyes were filled with hate and were red rather than the normal blue.I had one dream about Mary where she approached me in my room but I simply reminded her that she was no longer supposed to be here (so to speak) and that ended any anxiety I had about her death.
In any case after learning of some more disturbing dreams from David in which he learned true facts about his fiancee's family that they never spoke of as well as learning the exact layout of the master bedroom prior to her family moving in and remodelling it years before he met the girl we decided one evening to visit the home that he grew up in.
We did not enter the home (it's now unoccupied). We stood on the porch and both experienced an uneasy feeling. When I looked in the front window all I could say is My God David-it's back.
The same thing that I saw as a child was standing in the living room where his grandmother died.
My question (after the extensive ammount of background that I provided) is this: is it possible for a demonic force to follow a human being despite being dismissed on multiple occassions? Also if it is possible why the 12 years of peace? Also why in a home that I never occupied?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 27, 2001 Dear Mr. John:
Yes, a demon can follow a person from residence to residence. A demon can also follow a family line -- even against the will of the family members. As for being dismissed, your story does not relate any dismissals or exorcisms. But something like hey demon, get out of here in Jesus name and dont' bother me is a dismissal but not really an exorcism.
But even in doing a simple exorcism (not talking about the church aprpoved solemn exorisms), there can be times when a re-infestation of demons can occur, or the demon return to harass for whatever reasons.
In the case you mentioned here is sounds like this demon has not returned to bother you, but has come to bother your friend. Thus that is why a home you never occupied. This is not about you, it is about your friend, I would presume.
It is certainily possible that even if a demon was dismissed from one family, it can migrate to other family. Perhaps that is what it did here.
We also have to remember that evil is arbitrary. It can act for any reason or no reason at all. Thus asking why is futile. Why? Because it can.
I refer you to our Spirtual Warfare Prayer Catalog. There you will find prayers that may be helpful to you with this situation.
We will be in prayer for you.
God Bless.
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