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fighting Jezebel type spirit QUESTION from Teresa July 23, 2001 Dear Bro John Paul
Thank you for the guidance you gave me last week concerning my priest friend and the Jezebel spirit that seems to be attacking him and hurting people in my parish.
An OCDS friend of mine who has been involved in deliverance ministry for many years, knows this priest for many years told me 18 months ago,that he had a Jezebel type spirit hanging over him since he was first ordained.She used to feel called to pray for him, but began having nightmares and illnesses. She changed parishes,distanced herself form his life, a few months before i met him.
She told me a year ago, that she saw the Jezebel spirit hovering over me at a retreat I was coordinating and it wanted to kill me, seduce everyone i love, if i kept praying for this priest, working for Our Lady in youth ministry. At the time I weas feeling dizzy and weak, had gone in the chapel to pray. Ihad never heard of Jezebel exept in the Bible until this friend mentioned it and not again until your answer to my letter.
She said and I believe in my heart that I have been called by god to pray and suffer for this priest even though God has not called me to delioverance minsitry. God has blessed meso far. My non christian husband now goes to church and my children have a great youth group. My parish just began Perpetual adoration and I have found both the Carmelites and The MI thru this priest.
Since he became pastor he seems to be suffering more torment than ever from this spirit, though he prays the office, does a daily holy hour, consecrated the parish and his priesthood to Our Lady His Mom is also a very wonderful OCDS who prays for him.
What can we do to free him from this spirit that we are not doing? Please pray for him and our parish.
God bless you, Teresa
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 27, 2001 Dear Mrs. Teresa:
We will certainly pray for this priest and for you.
What you can do for this priest and for yourself is to persevere in prayer. Take a look at the Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog on this site and pray some spiritual warfare prayers to ask God to rid this spirit from this Priest and yourself.
Prayer,and perseverence are the keys.
Don't give up.
I would appreciate prayers for me and this minsitry as well. I think I have about 30 Jezebels camped right outside my door. I can use all the prayers I can get.
God Bless.
P.S. I am glad to hear that someone else has identified problems like this as a Jezebel spirit.
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