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Haunted house? QUESTION from Mark Perry June 2, 2001 I have a question which I hope you may have an answer for. I have been living in a house which I bought about five years ago. The day I closed on the house and drove into the driveway, my sun visor broke on my car. Since then, it has been one thing after another. Even the things I fix, break again soon. I know that older houses have these problems, but it just seems suspicious.
For example, a couple weeks ago I decided to move a small wall in the basement to make a bathroom a little bigger. After taking down the wall, and piling up new lumber on the floor, my basement flooded with water coming up from the sewers. Now I have to fix the tile, and many other things.
Also, another strange thing. This might be purely paranoia, but I find myself and others sleeping in strange positions at night. Sleeping on my back, I wake up with my left leg straight, my right leg bent such that my right foot is on my left knee. My one arm straight up, with my other arm bent around the top of my head. The strange part is, I have noticed guests sleeping that way here also. They even noticed it an mentioned to me they normally don't sleep with their arms over their head like that.
Am I just paranoid, or could something be wrong? Thanks.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 10, 2001 Dear Mr. Perry:
Well, all this could be coincidence and you could be psyching yourself out.
If you feel that a spiritual source may be causing this, I would suggest that you call your local priest and ask him to bless the house. This is a good idea to do anytime moving into a new house or apartment.
Blessing the house may take care of any naughty spirits in the house.
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