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occult familymembers QUESTION from desiree-marie de jonge mulock houwer May 26, 2001 Dear Father,
I am a happily married woman of almost 50, with a son of 13 years old and my name is desiree-marie.
I would appreciate it very much if you could help me out in finding a solution in how to reach some occult familymembers of my husbands side. My husband is a new convert and he loves Jesus very much. His mother and niece however are under the influence of the occult. We love them and wish them to be saved and safe. We are aware how dangerous it can be to free them.
I have explained Who Jesus is and niece (Alet) has become very aggressive and scared. She said she was scared of His Name. After this she called me names. But she is very ill and sees magnetiseurs (sorry, I am dutch and no not know what you call them but they say that they heal people by stroking them. Alet has Satan above the couch, the place we hang a crusifix. She has a rare disease which is causing her to stay indoors, she cannot stand the sunlight. If she is in sunlight, her body swells up and she has no resistance for diseases, so infections all the time.
Jesus healed our son and we witnessed to her. We do not only wish to witness, we want to help her. She is so confused. We have placed ourselves under the cross of Jesus inorder to be safe, and we know that His Name is more powerfull than any other name on earth. But we are aware these things are not easy. Occult things are tricky things. What do you advise us to do?
How to reach out to help Alet?
Also for my mother-in-law who has had seances and this is noticible when in the house or when in her presence. She is old now and if I cannot find a way to reach her, who will? Please father, please advise me.
It is a wonderful thing that my husband became christian but it took many years! Jesus has convinced him that He is alive, praise God for His mercy and goodness forever. Please pray for Moniek, that is my niece, she has a burnout but it is a blessing in disguise for she is aware now that there is more to life than just an excellent job and money. We could tell her freely of Jesus. Please pray for her that she will surrender to Christ. Please pray for my brother who has hardened his heart and I am trying to tell him I love him , that I may come through.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 10, 2001 Dear Desiree-Marie: The most important thing for you to do is pray. The Prayer Catalog linked at the top of the Index page contains prayers that you can pray for your family. DO NOT try to do more. God can reach them..... but prayers are needed. Enlist all the people you can to pray for these family members. Storm heaven with prayers. We will be in prayer also.
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