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Succubus and incubus QUESTION from Christopher February 28, 2001 i know you said it is to complicated to tlak about. but i need to know how to remove a succubus that was summoned to a friends house. it is her father really. he practices dark magic. and we have rid the house of most of the spirits but i cannot find anything on getting rid of succubus. please help. the sooner the better. I hate her having to go to his house. ~Chris
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 14, 2001 Dear Mr. Christopher:
Sorry, this forum is not a training class for deliverance.
The general things you can do is to pray the prayers that are applicable listed in our Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog, have a priest bless the house, have the people who live in the house live good and pure lives, etc.
There is nothing special about a succubus. It is just another demon. Most demons specialize on some aspect, the succubus specializing on sexual issues.
If the father does not repent of his magic, then nothing can be done, by the way. Deliverance comes only through Jesus Christ and if the person is not willing to give themselves to Christ and to rid themselves of the occultic stuff, then there is not anything a person can do directly.
Thus pray for this man's conversion.
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