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How to We Protect Ourselves and Defend each other! QUESTION from Rebecca February 19, 2001 I have a question...as a convert to the catholic faith I was in a very holy RCIA class...we all became very close to each other and close to the faith.There was a couple in our group who were married a couple of months after Easter Vigil.They were the ideal couple prayed together...the whole nine yards.This couple moved into a home and after sometime they believed their house was haunted...the Church was investigating their home!
The Church representative told them whatever they do if they had an fight to leave the home and fight in the car anywhere ,but the house was off limits.
4 months after being married while drinking they had a fight and the husband would not let his wife leave the home fearing she was too drunk to drive...someone became violent it is unclear to the police as well ,but she had him charged with assault a felony and kidnapping.The situation has torn the group in half no one is weighing the facts...there is so much gossip...the church Priest and the Nun in charge are acting decidedly unchristian like as well as everyone else taking sides not helping each of these poor souls and just letting them throw their marriage away.
I have wisely stepped outside the situation as I have not spread words or made a decision on the situation... It is my belief that when Satan sees how a strong group like ours was and how many souls we could have brought home to the church.He decided to hit us where it hurts.
Do you have any advice on how I should pray or if I should get involved...I feel like sitting everyone down and say People don't you see what's going on...Don't doubt your faith!, Don't be deceived... I don't have much experience in this...Any advice you could provide would be helpful and please pray..These are good people if they only would pray to see the truth! Thank you In Christ, Becca
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 14, 2001 Dear Miss Rebecca:
I am really sorry to hear about this, but this is the way Satan likes to work oftentimes.
As to the couple, without investigating the house itself and the situation I cannot form any firm opinions about it. It is possible that these situations were inspired by demonic elements, or it could be from the couple's own psychological dynamics.
The most serious issue, regardless of whether there is a demonic element or not, is to not get caught up in the feeding frenzy that occurs in situations like these -- to get caught up in the negativity.
There are prayers in our Spirirtual Warfare Prayer catalog that would be useful for you to pray for this couple...... and prayers that this couple should pray themselves.
Given the limited information presented I would suggest not getting caught up taking sides, or getting caught into negativity, but retreat to the prayer closet and pray, pray, and pray for this couple.
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