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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Demonology

by Catherine Frakas 13 Dec 2002

Demonology QUESTION from Penny Taylor February 16, 2001 Have you ever heard of any cases of deliverance, in where the delivered was possesed of talking demons, delivered of them and still after a year still being oppressed by them?
I have been saved, I know I am filled with the holy spirit. I have given my life to God. It has been a question of, is God allowing this to ready me in the field of deliverance, or is something going on that none of us know about?
My pastor has delivered me and has been doing deliverances for years. She has never came upon anything like this.
I still to this day hear voices and am demonically attacked, oppressed, my eyes are often afflicted, I still see their visions- visions of faces of different men, they VERY often like to put me in a trancetic state. They imitate God being judgmental and have overtones of My opinion is very important. They have also imitated the holy spirit.
I have had many ministers and people pray over me and try to get rid of them by command in Jesus name- I do that daily! but they are still here. Any input at this time would be appreciated.
Thank you, Penny Taylor
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 14, 2001 Dear Mrs. Taylor:
I am sorry that you have these afflictions and will certainly pray for you.
Yes, it is possible for a person to be delivered and then to be re-infested with demons later on. Any experienced deliverance minister should know this.
To begin with, the Bible itself tells us of this possibility -- if we cast out a demon and leave the house empty the demon will return with 7 more demons worse than the first.
Clinical experience also shows that this is common.
The primary reason for this is that not all of the issues that needed to be addressed and resolved were resolved.
Inexperienced deliverance counselors tend to think that all they have to do is say some prayers, lay on hands, and make commands. It doesn't work quite that easily.
The deliverance counseling process is a counseling process. We have to counsel with the whole person, not just with the idea of casting out demons. The spiritual health of the person must be addressed. If it is not, then a re-infestation can occur.
There are other reasons for re-infestation, but the number one reason is that there is still something that gives the demons permission to stay, or to return to the person. The counseling process, properly done, seeks to discover all those things that demons may hang their hats on. Teh person needs to get rid of all the hooks so that the hedge of protection that surrounds a Christian will be air-tight and without holes for the demons to crawl through like cochroaches.
I would suggest that you look over the prayers in our Spiritual Warfare Prayer catolog that is linked at the top of the Index page. Those prayers are designed to deal with harassment issues. Be sure to pray the prayer of Ancestral Renunciation and all other prayers that are applicable.
If the prayers and your personal devotion to Christ does not seem to work then you may need outside help.
There is a Protestant deliverance counseling center which is the only Protestant source that I can recommend (stay away from the Charismatic Deliverance Teams). It is called the International Center for Biblical Counseling, in Souix City, Iowa, but they have branch offices in other parts of the country. You might call them and see if arrangements can be made somehow. The phone number, I think, is 712-277-4760
Otherwise, you might call me privately if things don't improve.
God Bless.
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