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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Help and Advice

by Catherine Frakas 17 Dec 2002

Help and Advice QUESTION from Sheila February 6, 2001 I was fortunate to have been referred to you by a friend on our prayer-net. I've read many of your postings and I appreciate what you are doing. I pray that your condition only gets better so that you can continue to do what you do! I am asking for prayer and advice for my sister and her family who are experiencing something strange in their home. I'm afraid that it is an evil entity since it has attacked my sister at least three times and has her young children terrified of their own rooms. They hear growling from their darkened hallways when there is no dog or other animal in the house and my sister and her 7 yr old daughter have actually seen a dark shadow kind of figure like a huge man that has them terrified. The problems seem to escalate the more my brother-in-law (who's a fundamentalist Baptist) reads his bible. He locks himself in the bathroom for hours reading the bible. (FYI - my sister was baptised Catholic but she never made any of her sacraments) Another thing I've noticed since they moved into their house - my sister has developed asthma and chronic pulmonary something or other, a panic disorder, and a reflux disorder. She's a mess physically.
I have printed the spiritual warfare prayers and I bought a St. Benedict crucafix and had it blessed and plan to take them, a rosary and some water from Lourdes to her house sometime this week. This stuff has been happening for almost 2 years, the growling and fear of their rooms and all, but the attacks on my sister at night when she feels a pressure on her and can not move are recent escalations. Please pray for them and if you have any advice I'd truly welcome it. Every time I talk to my sister I become terrified for her. Now I know why her three children are at my mother's house most of the time...It's difficult asking for help because we feel that most will think we're crazy....
Something I should mention...My sister and I had a tough childhood. Adultery, emotional, physical and a little sexual abuse (by a family friend) and exposure to pornography at an early age... Both of us have difficulty in our marriages, mostly the inability to trust men. We've had therapy and the like but we still have marital problems. My husband is emotionally abusive.
And...I'm having difficulty praying lately. I do not know what is wrong with me because I want to badly but I find myself getting lost in thoughts and worries and not actually praying. I know that I have the protection of Jesus and His Blessed Mother, but this stuff with my sister is really frightening me.... and the stuff with my husband is exhausting me...
Thank you.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 17, 2001ET_LOCA Dear Mrs. Sheila:
I am sorry to hear about these troubles. You are doing what you should do. Your sister needs to pray those prayers, especially the one about protection from household demons and don' t forget the one on Renunication of Ancestral Sins. Also the Protection Prayer at bedtime.
In addition to living a devout life, keeping from the near ocassion of sin, attending church regularly (it would be helpful if your sister returned to the Church), I would suggest getting the CD from Michael Card called Sleep Sound in Jesus. I don't know if this CD is available anymore. If it is not, I may call Michael Card and see if I can get permission to copy the CD for clients.
If you can find this, if necessary, play that CD on low volume 24 hours a day -- especially in the kids rooms when they sleep, but this will gbe helpful to the adults too.
I recommend it for you too.
As to your pray life, we all can go through times of dryness. We need to stick with the prayers even if we don't feel like it. The key is perseverance. The word in the middle of perseverance is SEVERE. But if we hang in there we will get to the light at the end of the tunnel.
We will be praying for you.
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