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Spiritual Warfare Forum: "new" bible

by Catherine Frakas 18 Dec 2002

new bible QUESTION from mary February 4, 2001 Dear John-Paul,
a question came up from Dec. 28 titled, Ghosts-Lost Souls or Demonic? I agreed with most everything you said, but i fully believe that they're just deceiving demons. i do not believe God would allow a dead person's soul to return to the living under a demonic summoning. but that is besides my question.
you referred to some of your facts to 2 Maccabees and Sirach. what is that from exactly? the book of Mormon? there is no other Bible Revelation 22:18-19, I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if any one adds to them, God shall add to him the plagues which are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city, which are written in this book.
If you are using information from another book to back up what you say other than the bible, you are headed in the wrong direction. the best thing about the bible is the fact that you can use it to back up anything, but if you're using anything else to do so, you have lost my trust as, i'm sure, a few other Bible-believers.
Please explain where 2 Maccabees and Sirach come into play. i do respect your devotion to help others, but please be careful as to how you back up your beliefs.
Sincerly, Mary
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 17, 2001ò¤¶( Dear Miss Mary:
Well, fortunately, truth is not dependent upon what you or I believe. Truth is the Truth.
As for the opinion that these ghosts are always demons, that is not borne out with the clinical and phenomenological evidence. Usually people who suggest this have no qualifications to issue the opinion and are making their opinion on shear personal belief and usually in such a way as to put God in a box. God can do as He wills.
As far as 2 Maccabees and Sirach: those Scriptures are from the Bible -- the Old Testament that Jesus read and loved.
You are not familiar with them because back in the 16th century a bunch of hacks and heretics with their egos ripped out portions of the Bible because it didn't suit their opinions. And in some cases people like Martin Luther even ADDED to the scripture words that were never there.
emm, what does the Bible say again about people who add or substract from the Bible?
You are right, there is only ONE Bible, and the Bible the Catholics use is that ONE Bible. The so-called Bible used by the Protestants is missing a lot of the Word of God. Shame, Shame.
Oh, by the way, Protestants wouldn't have a Bible at all if is wasn't for the Catholic Church. The New Testament (which is the same in Catholic and Protestant editions if you ignore Martin Luther's sin) was determined by the Catholic Bishops.
Your New Testament is a Catholic document. The old Testment that the Catholic Church accepted was the same Old Testament that Jesus used. Martin Luther ripped it out. Luther also wanted to rip out the Book of St. James because it did not jive with Luther's personal opinions. Fortunately, he couldn't get away with ripping the New Testament apart (except to add words to this German translation that were not in the original scriptures). What a arrogant egomaniac.
I think before you give me advice you better educate yourself on the Bible, dear. Anyone, even a Protestant, who would suggest Maccabees and Sirach might be part of the Mormon bible, is a very ignorant of the Bible.
I choose to read and love the same Old Testament Jesus read and loved. If is was good enough for Him, it is good enough for me.
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