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by Catherine Frakas 31 Dec 2002

religion and spirituality QUESTION from Sophia December 29, 2000 Firstly I am not really a Christian, my parents are wiccans but I am more of a universal agnostic. I know a lot of the time when I write to religious people it's because I want to be convinced but I know it won't happen so I won't go there (an I realise by writing that I am inviting it).
I'm writing to you because my freind is getting into some scary stuff generaly based around the Christian personifications of evil. We are both 14 she was a Christian (officialy) before we became freinds but me and my other freind convinced her (rather quickly so its not like we worked hard at it) that Atheistic Anarco-syndicalism was the best way to go. But these days she is very odd, she talks about murder and rape as though they were games to be played and other people as though they were her toys. She has been asking me to get her information on Demons and how to summon them (she always asked me to get her info because until recently she wasn't netted up) and I've got this book which has got all this stuff with symbols and medievil stuff and its supposedly a historical document on the development of High Ceremonial Magic/k but it describes these things in great deatail. In the past I sold my soul to this freind because I didn't belive in it (i don't really now I just feel it might and it represents something) but I got her to give it back to me(the contract) because she'd been saying she was going to give it to demons in exchange for favors. Anyway as I said I don't personaly follow christianity or belive in it (for reasons I would love to blab on about but I doubt you want to read them) but you guys seem to be the experts on this kind of thing, and it could be true. My current belifes on the nature of this stuff is basicaly chaos magik style stuff, and thats really dangerous. Anyway I feel shes getting (got?) herself into some trouble here and I want to help her regardless of religious barriers because this is more imminent than what happens to my or anyone elses soul when they die. And I think if I go to hell because of my belifes I will have stay'd true and I value that over what someone I don't know sayes god (another person I don't know) thinks, if I can't even trust my own belifs how can I trust what is told to me. (and I'm getting off the issue again sorry).
This has got beyond weird illuminati stule philosophical musings we are in the laws of science no longer making sense zone
Bye SM
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on January 28, 2001 Dear Miss Sophia:
Your friend is in potentially dangerous trouble. You should NOT help her to learn how to conjure demons and the like. She needs to talk with a mature and spiritual Christian pastor and get her life back into a Christian mode. She will need counseling and may even need to talk with a deliverance counselor.
She needs to get rid of all occultic books and stuff she has, and frankly she needs to not hang around you since you are not Christian and some from a family of wiccans. This is dangerous for her, because through you, although innocently on your part, demons can harass her.
Only Jesus Christ can heal these problems. So encourage her to return to her faith, her God, and her Church or faith community.
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