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Demon Slayers QUESTION from Stuart Austin November 24, 2000 Dear sirs
I read on a couple of post here about slayers. You are taking it to lightly. In the bible, it talks about some of the people who are taken in spirit to various places and times. By today standards, that would be probably called out of body experiences. When a person mentions having these type of experiences, they are immediately labled as demonic possession. Some of us have a natural gift to be able to do this. I for one am a christain and I have this gift. I don't do witchcraft, chants,etc. When I go out of body, my spirit fights demons and help people. The power I possess is getting stronger because of the end times that is fast approaching. There is a war rageing on the other side. It even mentions it in the bible. The other night, satan visited me and threw a dead animal on my bed and told me Prepare for the final battle, demon slayer. Prior to that, my spirit returned to my body and I had forced a demon out of a persons body and it went into a pig and it died and that is the animal that satan threw on my bed. Yes, it scares me very greatly and I am not happy when I destroy a demon. I cannot control going out of body, it just happens. If it is God's will, so be it.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on January 28, 2001 Dear Mr. Austin:
What you describe is not God's will. And demons are eternally existant beings, that is, they will exist forever. They cannot be slayed,. that is destoyed.
The job of demon slaying must have had a good agent at high school career days. Every since Holywood has been showing movies and TV shows about this, demon slayers are coming out of the woodwork.
Sorry son, you are not a demon slayer, and if you are having out-of-body experiences, you are in grave danger. I would suggest you stop it. And if you claim you cannot stop it, that alone is proof that this is not coming from God. God will NOT force you to do this.
NOTICE TO ALL SO-CALLED DEMON SLAYERS: See a psychiatrist, dont bother me with your postings on this forum
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