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by Catherine Frakas 07 Feb 2003

Help needed - suspect demons QUESTION from Michelle West September 13, 2000 Greetings,
For the past 3 / 4 years or so, my brother and I have been plagued by something, which has progressed gradually and has reached a climax now.
It started with a being that appeared in my room for a few months, who used to call me awake. I opened my Bible in the room and it migrated to the doorway, where it remained. It then turned physical, and began scratching marks on doors, causing wind etc. It then went after my brother, to whom I am very close.
It has come and gone, recently (past 4 or 5 months) began leaving marks on me, such as bruises, and 3 carvings so far. My brother has only suffered bruises, but our dreams are frightful and we dream the exact same thing. The first mark was a 'V' on my wedding finger, followed by a chinese symbol, which I looked up - yuan. It stopped for a while - not more than a month, and began last friday again. I woke up with the symbol of the goat carved in the underside of my left arm.
My brother and I are both Christians. I have been told by pagans that I have 'the gift' - I am apparently a medium, or would be if I interacted in their forum. I have recently made contact with a Psychic association, in hopes that I will be able to find a resolution to this, for it cannot carry on. Our dreams are terrifying and sick now. I pray every night,and I believe in what I pray, but I have to get help - and soon, my brother has two children and I am afraid that IT will go after them. The thing is, it only comes to us in our sleep. I have woken with my back riddled in bruises I could not have put there, felt my muscles ache as if in combat the previous night, and have woken terrified and drenched in sweat.
Please tell me what I can do. I believe that they are getting to my brother through me, so I need to stop it, as his dreams, when they stop, start oncemore shortly after mine begin again - identical.
Another thing, I have been plagued before, since early childhood, and have always found a way to rid myself of them - but this one... Please help us. Any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated. I am tired of being scared, scared to close my eyes, for fear of what might happen.
Thank you.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on November 25, 2000 Dear Miss West:
I am sorry that you are having these experiences. We will be in prayer for you.
In terms of advice ----- NUMBER ONE...RUN, do not walk, AWAY from anything or anyone involved in the psychic industry or belief, new age or occult. You do not have a gift here. You are being plagued, apparently, by evil forces. If you involve yourself, even in passing, with the new agers and occultists you will only make things worse.
You need to renounce all involvement in the occult, new age, astrology, psychics, etc. and destroy any books, magazines or other material you have in your possession, terminate friendships with people who are into those things, stay away from any parties, people, bookstores, etc. that has an occultic theme.
You MUST turn your life over to Jesus Christ.
Use the prayers in the Spiritual Warfare Prayerbook as applicable.
Stay close to God, in devotion and practice. Stay close to the Church. If you are Catholic participate in the Sacraments frequently.
Before anything else is possible, these things must be done in your life and your brother's life.
If you are still having trouble after doing these things, you might want to call me as some other measures may be needed.
We are praying for you. Deliverance and healing is possible. God loves you.
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