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Need some guidance QUESTION from Rick July 10, 2000 Hello there my name is Richard and since the age of 3 years I have had visions and dreams of fighting various demons, I always knew what they were and they did not deny it, many names were uttered to me in these experiences (there own names) most of which have been forgotten.
I do have normal dreams but very rarely, the what I call Dark dreams which always comprise of demonic experiences are becoming more frequent and have hit me in many different ways for example one was like an outerbody experience and it tried to provoke a corrupt reaction in me and others have been this ongoing battle with 1 in particular and at times we have spoken when it has rested.
Im not sure why I am open to these kind of attacks but I would appreciate any insights you may have on this and I should also mension that I have problems displaying emotion and I also get these sudden sort of flashbacks and visions while I am awake and they are of me fighting these demons, I have done a fair bit of research into demons because I believe that I need to know in order to try and protect myself.
But anyway I would appreciate any guidance you may have for me.
many thanks Rick
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on September 17, 2000 Dear Mr. Rick:
I am sorry that you are having these experiences and to have had them since a very young age.
Diagnosis is not possible in a Q & A Forum, of course, and thus there is not much I can offer here.
These experiences may or may not be demonically oriented, or they may not have a demonic origin but demons could be taking advantage of a problem already there.
In terms of diagnosis, you need to see a psychiatrist to see if these dreams may have any psychiatric causes. Such dreams are possible even from brain damage or other chemical imbalances in the brain.
To deal with any possible demonic element, even if we don't know for sure there is a demonic element, it doesn't hurt to pray spiritual warfare prayers. The focus of the prayers are to ask God IF there is a demonic element, please do something about it.
Please take a look at the collection of prayers that are linked on the Index page to this forum. There are several prayers there, including one for bedtime protection, that you might find helpful.
Also, living the good Christ-Life, staying close to the Church, participating in the Sacraments, living a devout life will aid as well in terms of dealing with any demonic element.
I am afraid that without doing a formal assessment interview with you, this is about all I can suggest.
We will be in prayer for you.
God Bless.
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