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by Catherine Frakas 06 Mar 2003

questions QUESTION from L. M. Jackson July 3, 2000 First, allow me to introduce myself. I am a retired Chief of Police with many years of distinguished service in the field of Law Enforcement. I have served in the capacity of Chief, administrator, trainer and narcotics officer. I only tell you this to provide some background that you may need to determine the validity of my letter.
Many years ago, 1978 to be precise, I survived an incident that altered my life forever. I had an violent encounter with a malvolent entity that left me hospitalized for many weeks. The incident was well documented at the time, although subsequent investigations were suspended due to lack of tanigible evidence. I tried for many years to dismiss my own experience as some sort of phenomena, something that COULD have been explained by rational means, had I chosen to puzzle it out. But I chose to turn a blind eye, telling myself that whatever I had confronted that aftrnoon was at best, a bad dream...and at worst, a one time, chance encounter with something best left alone by someone like myself.
Therein lies the problem. As time progressed and my sense of trauma began to fade, I distanced myself from that incident. I returned to thoughts of the mundane evil so prevelant in our world. Rampant crime, human suffering and intolerance. These are things I was trained and paid to confront. But from time to time, while working, while going to the grocery store or merely walking in the park..I would experience a familiar sensation...a sensation of recognition. A strong feeling of deja vu. And I knew in my heart that the very same entity, or something very similar, was near.
In the past decade I've had this feeling no less than a dozen times. Not all that many considering the nature of my work and the number of times I've been in stressful situations. Yet, far too many, if you understand what I'm saying. These sensations are always followed by strong feelings of confrontation as if it has somehow recognized me and holds me in some great contempt.
I realize I must sound like some crackpot. Sometimes, I wonder, myself. I like to think I'm a pretty normal example of humanity. I'm no great crusader nor am I any more paranoid then the next fella, whatever that means. But I do now this. These things are out there... they are cognizant entities with an agenda...and they are malevolent to an extreme.
I don't even know why I'm telling you this. In over twenty years, I've spoken of this to perhaps 2 or 3 people. In fact, I'm not even sure how I found your page. I just awoke in the middle of the night and deceided to surf the net for a bit. Maybe it's just all the unanswered questions...I don't know.
Someday, if you have any interest in this, perhaps I'll relate the entire incident to you. If not, then that's fine too. I wish you well in your endeavors to educate people on this matter.
Yours in the name of Jesus Christ, L. M. Jackson
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on September 7, 2000 Dear Mr. Jackson:
I would like to thank you for your many years in law enforcement. It is usually a thankless rough job that many people do not appreciate.
But there is someone who appreciates the nature of your work a great deal! You met him. He is the devil.
It is not unusual for police officers and other people who are on the front lines to be confronted with these entities (demons). It is just that most won't admit it.
I have a feeling MANY police officers have experiences with this, but in the culture of the force will not begin to admit it.
When you are out doing your job you are doing a job of foiling not only criminals, but also of foiling demons who are behind the criminal activity. This is ESPECIALLY the case in narcotics.
The Greek word for sorcery (a form of witchcraft) is the same word we get pharmacy. In a very real way, modern manufacturers and dealers of illegal drugs are in a sense, witches, that is doing witchcraft (although they don't know the connection).
Dealing illegal drugs is a most hideous evil. You can bet your badge that anytime you walk into a situation of narcotics you are in the presence of demons.
As for your sensing this as you walk down the street, this initial experience has probably made you more sensitive and aware of the presence of the hordes of demons that roam the street looking for someone to devour and inspire into crime.
I am acutely aware of the Legions of demons that surround St. Michael House waiting for an opening. It is so bad that even priests don't like coming here because they might pick-up a hitchhiker when they leave.
But, not to fear, you can still be safe and take a retreat here :-). We cannot allow fear to guide us. In addition to the legions of demons around St. Michael House are also legions of God's angels protecting the House and those who enter it.
St. Michael is also with you as a Police Officer.
We have an affiliate organization especially for Police Officers. The URL is:
Thank you for your story, and yes I would be interested in your complete story --- and even interested in publishing it if you approve.
We will pray for you always.
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