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by Catherine Frakas 27 Mar 2003

prostatent argument that catholic mass is witchcraft QUESTION from mary April 30, 2000 I am a cradle Catholic who fell away from the Church during my young adult years/post vatican II due to confusion and seemingly cold/heartless destruction of the tradition I'd loved so much... I returned to the church 15 years later in the late 80's after dabbling in New Age for a couple of years. I'd admired someone who was dabbling also, so decided to see what it was all about to have something in common with him. I found all the intellectualizing fascinating until I realized the truth was that this philosophy denied the divinity of Jesus. Once I'd realized that, I felt ashamed and it took me several months to get up enough courage to go to a priest, do a general confession, and renouonce Satan..although I'd not realized I'd been playing in his sandbox. . Thank God, I did not get as enmeshed as you did, but enough to be savy enough to advise others and warn others who really love Jesus but unwhittingly start curiously being enticed by New Age.. The details of this would be too involved to go into now..
My topic for you is that while out of the Church, I'd visited a Protestant book store and was shocked to find an anti Catholic book that actually had pictures of the consecration with text that stated that this is witchcraft and that Catholics needed to be witnessed to and encouraged to leave their church because it was a form of witchcraft.. I realize how a Protestant could get that idea.. However, I've also studied some on witchcraft, years ago and see that witchcraft spells are done out of earthly spirit as an attempt to force something that is unholy, not of the Holy Spirit.. but how is that explained to Protestants..
I realize that above is no different than Pharoah's serpent being devoured by Moses' serpent.. one being of witchcraft and the other being of God.. To further this issue.. young Catholics poorly catechised in the Church and freely subjected to radical feminist nuns can be easily swayed into witchcraft because of the very same logic..
I would like to hear how you would explain the above topic.. How else, other than one is from God, the other is from Evil can this be explained to both Protestants and weak, poorly catechised Catholics..
Thank you for your time..
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on May 3, 2000 Dear Miss Mary:
Well the first thing to remember is that one cannot convince a person who has made up his mind, don't confuse him with the facts.
To call the Catholic Mass is just plain stupid and one cannot argue with a stupid person.
All we can do is to state the truth and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.
You have already said what needs to be said. Witchcraft is an attempt to manipulate natural forces and dieties. It is not an attempt to petition the one true God.
Secondly, witchcraft is an attempt to get god to do what the witch wants the god to do. It is a form of manipulation. In Christian prayer we ask God to reveal His will to us. We are asking for what we ask and leaving it up to God to decide what is best for us.
That is a major difference. Magick is trying to manipulate God; Christian prayer is trying to conform ourselves to God's will.
One other thing that unthinking fundamentalist dingbats can't understand is that the presence of a supernatural event is not in itself occult.
They seem to forget that Satan does NOT invent ANYTHING. He perverts what God has already invented.
Thus if God makes a screw-driver to screw in screws; Satan might use a screw-driver to screw in torture screws. The fact that Christians use a screw driver does not align them with Satan.
Satan uses the tools that God has made -- he just uses them for evil purposes.
We must remember that Satanism MIMICKS Catholicism in the Mass, not the other way around. The Catholic Mass is of God; the Satanists perverts the Mass into a Black Mass to ridicule the legitimate Mass.
For anyone who asserts the stupidity that the Catholic Mass is witchcraft, ask them to prove it. In what ways is the Mass like witchcraft. Where EXACTLY is the witchcraft.
In all likelihood the bigot will not be able to identify anything specific because he doesn't know what he is talking about. And if they do mention something specific, it shouldn't be hard to show that the alleged witchcraft element is not withcraft.
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