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by Catherine Frakas 01 May 2003

incubus QUESTION from Savannah February 28, 2000
Hi I am so glad that I have found your site I have been reading all of the questions and they are so interesting especially the one on Incubus for years now I have thought myself a little wierd. Ever since I was young I have had bad nightmares but as I got older they become more intense. My father was really worried i never told him all of the dreams because I didn't want to worry him, but he made me go see a pyscologist on dreams. For about a year I saw a pyscologist and he had me keep a book at the side of the bed about all of the nightmares Iwas having. Most of my nightmares were all associated with knives or sharpe objects stabbing me, I can actually tell you what it feels like to be stabbed as I have felt the pain. But another nightmare I never told my father about was of a man who was scarred all over his body. He would come to be and rape me he would throw me all over the room hit me and beat me, but if i let him make love to me then he would do so and just go he would never let me see his face, when ever i tried to open my eyes which I did do as thats how I know he is scared he would hit me and tell me to shut my eyes, really scarry stuff. When it is happening I can see all the room around me I know exactly where I am, I am definitly in my room. It only happens when I sleep on my own. It happened for a while. But when someone is sleeping with me he never comes. I hate sleeping on my own because even if he doesn't come there are other nightmares that are just as wierd that I have. I could go on forever with diferent nightmares but there isn't the time. Is it stuff that has stemmed from my childhood that I am trying to block out or is there some other explanation. Please help as I would love to beable to sleep at night on my own without needing someone with me.
Thank you for your time
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on March 5, 2000 Dear Miss Savannah:
All your dreams, even the horrific ones, may stem from childhood experiences, and most certainly with stresses and fears you are experiencing now. If you are the same Savannah who had an abortion, then that can be a influence on the current dreams even thought the dreams may have originated before the abortion. It is also possible to have a spiritual element to these dreams as well. And the abortion issue would make this worse since abortion rips open the fabric of spirituality making one vulnerable to the evil one’s influences. In addition to checking the psychiatric and psychological possibilities, I would also suggest reviewing the Spiritual Warfare Prayers collection that is linked at the top of the page. There are several prayers that can be useful to you, including a prayer to confess abortion, a prayer to take back the ground that has been gained by Satan in one’s life, prayers to ask God to cast away any evil spirits that might be hanging around, a bedtime prayer of protection, etc. Plus, even if you are not Catholic, I would suggest sitting in front of the tabernacle in a Catholic Church. Just sit there quietly and meditate. Allow God to speak to you. It sounds like there are probably many factors in your life’s story. Deliverance may not be easy or swift. What I have given you are suggestions for self-help, but you may need the help of an experienced Deliverance Counselor if these prayers and the like don’t help you over time. Please know that we are praying for you too.
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