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incubus QUESTION from lucy May 8, 1999 hi!i hope you can help my.i am catholic,living in canada.when my husband go work i feel that somebody or something is looking at my,it's something evil.that happens when i am half-asleep,i can't wake-up but i feel this thing.the only thing that i can do is to pray God to help me.then this thing go question is: what's that?is somebody who know my,or is something else?how protect my self?thank you for your help.sorry for my english but i am in canada from only 1 year.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on May 11, 1999 Dear Miss Lucy:
Please know that we are praying for you in your situation.
In incubus is a type of demon who bothers or attacks a woman in a sexual way.
If you feel you are being bothered by this type of demon or any other type of demon I would recommend that you pray the rosary frequently, say Hail Marys when any incident occurs, and take a look at the Spiritual Warfare prayers that we have on our website -- choosing the one that fits your situation.
Those prayers are located by clicking here.
Beyond that, I would suggest that you contact your local parish priest or other priest you trust and ask for his guidance.
We will be in prayer for you.
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