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The South Gate QUESTION from Chris May 3, 1999 After the recent Colorado murders, I've been hearing a lot about the south gate being opened, wicca and paganism. Is there any truth to this and could you offer a little insight into this topic?
Thanks, Chris
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on May 7, 1999 Dear Chris:
I am not immediately familiar with the term South Gate. It sounds like a term used in the New Age movement referring to demonic activity.
As for a release of demons upon the earth, there is no question that such has happened. It happened before the Garden of Eden.
Jesus told us that a time would some when the evil would get worse, like birth pangs. We are seeing that now I believe -- not the end of the world, but perhaps an end of an era.
Satan has succeeded in all but destroying the Christian worldview. As we get farther and farther away from a Christian worldview, the more influence Satan will have in our world.
The Colorado situation is one result.
See my Three Secret Strategies essay for more information on this.
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