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by Catherine Frakas 13 Aug 2003

How to destroy a demon QUESTION from Abel C. Hill April 10, 1999 First, I love your site. While I myself am not catholic(Southern Baptist to be exact) I have a few questions on the destruction of demons. I have heard others say the best thing to do is leave it alone, others say run from. My spirit tells me to destroy it, that it is not of God, and not of this world. I guess my spirit would be that of a warrior, seeing as I'm a third Cherokee. I have known many Wiccans in my young life (I am almost 21). They don't believe in demons, but I do. I have been in houses where there have been spiriits residing. But on to my question. How do you destroy a demon? I know an exorcism only banishes it, but how do you destroy it? Are there any prayers? Special masses, etc?
Thank you for your time!!! God Bless
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on April 15, 1999 Dear Abel:
Thanks for your question and I am glad you like our site. I use to be Southern Baptist myself and an ordained preacher for about 15 years before I converted to the Catholic Church. Welcome.
There are some fringe groups in both the Catholic and Protestant world who talk about destruction of demons. This is improper.
Demons cannot be destroyed. They are spiritual beings who live forever, just like angels. They will live forever in the hell prepared for them, but they are immortal beings.
Second, it is very arrogant and presumptuous to suggest the we destroy demons. It is best for us to not confront demons directly ourselves in any case. Let God deal with them.
Even the great St. Michael the Archangel did not presume to order demons around or to attempt to destroy them (Jude 9).
It is best for us to use deprecatory commands, rather than imprecatory commands when dealing with demons – it is much safer too.
An imprecatory command is: I rebuke you demon of anger!
A deprecatory command is: Father in Heaven please rebuke this demon of anger!
Both types of commands work, but the deprecatory command is safer and less arrogant on our part.
In terms of where the demons go when cast out? That is up to God. Again it is presumptuous of us to TELL GOD what to do with them. Some ministries will do this.
Bottom line: when dealing with demons DO NOT be presumptuous or arrogant. The NUMBER ONE WEAPON a warrior has against demons is humility. Against humility the demons are impotent.
I have published some helpful prayers that may be used by the general public in the Spiritual Warfare Area of our website.
Spiritual Warfare Prayers
As to dealing with this in a minstry way, one should be VERY certain that God is calling one to this. One should not go into such a ministry lightly.
Of all the spiritual warriors I know -- and I know some of the best and most famous deliverance ministers in the Protestant world -- not a one of them came into this ministry as a personal choice. They came into to kicking and screaming with EXTREME reluctance.
When people express an interest in joining my deliverance ministry if they are too enthusiastic that is the first clue that they are not qualified. This type of ministry should not be tried by the inexperienced.
Take care my friend, and be VERY careful. Be humble and remember that personal confrontation, yelling at demons, using I language is NOT more powerful than a quiet prayer to God. God is more powerful than us.
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