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Senator Ted Kennedy QUESTION from Ron Pereira on January 28, 2003 I am Republican for many reasons, however the main reason is due to the fact that most Democrats are pro-abortion. One such democrat, Senator Ted Kennedy, claims to be Catholic. I do not understand why he is allowed to participate in Holy Communion, let alone step foot inside a Catholic Church since he is also pro-abortion.
I live in the DFW area and during this past years recent election there was a guy named Tony Sanchez who also claimed to be Catholic, yet was pro-abortion. He, thanks be to God, was not permitted to receive the Eucharist because of his murderous values.
Has something changed regarding Sen. Kennedy's status with the Catholic Church? And if not, how in the world can the leaders of our Church stand for this?
I pray for Senator Kennedy's soul since I fear it's is in great danger.
ANSWER by Mr. Troy Martz on February 17, 2003 Dear Ron:
Don't let the abortion issue become synonymous with party. In my neighboring state of Pennsylvania you had one of the most Pro-Life governers, Gov. Casey -- a Democrat, and one of the most Pro-Abortion senators, Sen. Specter -- a Republican, at the same time!
Though we need to call these public figures to repentance, we should also ask where our bishops stand on these issues. Recently, the bishop in Sacramento reminded Gov. Gray Davis of California that his public support of abortion was effectively a self-excommunication and that he should refrain from receiving the Sacraments until he repents.
Unfortunately, couragous bishops like this are somewhat scarce. A bishop must balance many demands, but his foremost must always be the pastoral care of his flock. May God have mercy on a bishop who decides that calling a public sinner to repentance is not the politically correct thing to do. This is seen by many of the faithful as a tacit endorsement of the public sinner. Such scandal can lead many people to believe that the bishop's failure to exercise his authority is a general failing of the Church's authority. The reasoning goes like this: If a politician can publicly deny the Church's teaching on abortion, why can't I ignore the Church's teaching on contraception?
Such calling to repentance is NOT intended to destroy someone's political career. Rather, it is intended to help them keep from destroying their immortal soul. If we are afraid to call someone to repent because of what others will think of (or say about) us, then we love our own reputation more than we love our brother!
Every night in our house we pray for courage for our bishops. The enormity of the burden of being responsible for so many souls must weigh on them heavily. Pray constantly that they will have the courage and wisdom to discharge their office faithfully for the good of all.
Pax Christi, Troy
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