Prolife Forum: Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and abortion

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and abortion QUESTION from Joe Smith on October 13, 2002 Does DAV fund abortions as a benefit to disabled american vets?
ANSWER by Mr. Troy Martz on October 15, 2002 Joe:
From everything I can tell on their website, the DAV (Disabled American Veterans -- a non-governmental private association of disabled veterans) does not provide medical benefits of any kind for their members. Members may be able to purchase benefits, but those would be provided by an outside insurance agent.
Also, I checked the website for the Department of Veterans Affairs (the government agency responible for helping veterans). Though the VA medical centers offer a wide variety of services to disabled veterans, I could find no indication that this included government paid abortion. This is not definitive proof, but is a good indication that the VA is not directly an abortion provider. That being said, unfortunately they would probably make referrals if pressed.
Let's all continue praying that our governments (at all levels) will stop taking our tax dollars to pay for the murder of innocent unborn children.
Pax Christi, Troy
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