Prolife Forum: The truth about birth control should be made public.

The truth about birth control should be made public. QUESTION from Amanda on March 20, 2002 I am not a Catholic but I find your site interesting and informative and look at it regularly.
I read your article on Birth Control from a lady named Shirley regarding her daughter. When I was first starting my menstrual cycles I was prescribed a birth control pill to stem the bleeding. I knew no different I just thought of it as medication. I don't believe in abortion and when I became pregnant as a result of a rape by a man who had severe spiritual problems ( he was possessed ) I still went through the pregnancy and brought the child up on my own, even though many thought I was only a child myself.
I was horrified to read what the pill does, I like many assumed it stopped fertilization. Thankfully I have never used it for this purpose and after reading that article would never use them again. But people should be made aware of this because there are plenty of women out there who if they knew the truth would never use them again.
ANSWER by Mr. Troy Martz on March 20, 2002 Dear Amanda:
Thank you so much for your kind comments. You are right that this information has been suppressed by the media. If they were to report these facts they would have to look at their own sins a little too closely. Additionally, the pharmaceutical companies would lose millions of dollars if doctors stopped prescribing these poisonous pills!
Thank you also for your witness to God's gift of life. Sharing your experiences and newfound knowledge with those around you is the best way to get the news to others.
May God continue to bless you.
Pax, Troy
PS: Did you know that until a few decades ago, all Christian denominations (Catholic and Protestant) taught that artificial birth control was sinful? Today, the Catholic is the only Church that maintains this as required belief for the faithful. Many Protestants are coming back to embracing this teaching. See The Bible and Birth Control by Charles Provin for support for Protestants against birth control.
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