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Fertilization of Ovum and conception QUESTION from Frank Byrne on March 1, 2002 If it is the Church's teaching that new life begins at the moment the sperm enters the ovum and it is a fact that not every fertilized ovum will implant in the womb, why then is a woman's menstrual flow not baptised in case it contains a new human life?
ANSWER by Mr. Troy Martz on March 30, 2002 Mr. Byrne:
Because Baptism is reserved for the living. It can reasonably be assumed that any fertilized ovum that does not implant (before being naturally expelled by menstration) has not survived.
For this same reason, it would be inappropriate to baptize a still-born or miscarried child. Though such actions may be of comfort to the grieving parents, they cannot be Sacramental since the Sacraments are to strengthen us in this life and prepare us for the next. These children have all passed into the next life, we place them lovingly into the hands of our Loving and Merciful God.
Peace, Troy
Note: My apologies for the delay in responding to this question, we were experiencing technical difficulties and this one was lost in cyber-space.
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