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Re: sex QUESTION from Bro. John-Paul Ignatius December 19, 2000 Dear John and Patrick:
Since I am the administrator of these Q & A forum I had the opportunity to read Patrick's questions that John did not want to include in this forum. It was wise and prudent for John to be cautious about this.
We are considering opening a Q & A form that would deal with issues of moral theology of an adult nature. This forum may be password protected perhaps.
However, we have not yet decided whether that is needed. Our forum is designed only for those 19 years of age or older, but I realize that we may have younger people viewing our forums.
In this day and age in which our children are exposed to so much and nearly all things sexual, at least in passing, an argument might be made that discussing CORRECT moral theology in a public forum, even of intimate sexual matters, may be beneficial, not only to the ten of thousands of adults who are wondering about such issues, but may also place in a proper perspective for our teenagers who already know about the sexual matters anyway, the moral context of sexual activity within marriage and within Church teaching.
There have been times that I have answered in public the very questions you asked Patrick. Your questions are COMMON QUESTIONS.
Thus Patrick, if you wish to re-submit your questions to the Faith and Spirituality Forum, I will consult with a priestly advisor on it, and consider answering your questions.
Bro. Ignatius
ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on December 19, 2000 Dear Bro. Ignatius,
John Miskell
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