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Philadelphia African-Americans SAY-SO and March for Life ANNOUNCEMENT by Mr. John Miskell on September 27, 2000 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I received the following information from Nasser Jones, a 23 year old African-American pro-life activist from Philadelphia. Naseer appeared with me on the NAACP Focus television show this past spring. He is a dynamic public speaker and targets his presentations to high school and college audiences. Planned Parenthood supporters and other abortion advocates try to prevent Nasser from gaining equal access in the Philadelphia school district. Please pray for Nasser as he takes on the forces of death.
Yours for LIFE,
John Miskell
Date: Oct. 7, 2000 Time: 9:00 A.m. - 11:00 A.m. Where: 38th and Lancaster
Did you know that approximately 1452 African American children die everyday from abortion? Did you know that African Americans abort disproportionately compared to their counterparts? In 1998, 41.2% of all abortions in Pa. were performed on African American women. Did you know there's a new civil rights movement in this country about to jump off?
The civil rights of the unborn is a growing concern in our country. Many African Americans are deciding to march for these basic human rights. We'd like you to join us here in Philadelphia and in marches all across the country. This is a Pro- Family, Pro- Marriage, Pro- Life march taking place in the West Philadelphia. We need African American Pastors and churches to join us as we celebrate families and life! Remember, if you love the women and you love the children, here's your chance to SAY SO.
For more information contact: Nasser Jones (215) 663-9494 (215) 663-9444 fax
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