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Holy Water+Tap Water, Still Holy? QUESTION from Dustin Dreifuerst M.I. December 15, 1999 if you take 50% holy Water and 50% regular water and put them together in a container is it still holy water?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on December 19, 1999 Dear Mr. Dreifuerst:
Yes, I believe that if you mix 50% tap water with 50% holy water you will still have Holy Water -- technically.
But this is not the normally way to provide Holy Water and I can see little excuse of anyone doing this. Only in extreme emergencies when a priest is not available and the reason to use it is an emergency would this be appropriate.
I cannot imagine a need for a layman to use holy water in such a circumstance of emergency in which a Priest is not around somewhere. What emergency would a layman have where he could not wait for a priest? Holy Water is NOT needed for emergency baptisms, by the way, which a layman might do.
But in the middle of the jungle or something and a supply of Holy Water is needed (even for a non-emergency) and a priest only comes around once a year, then, sure, go ahead :-)
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