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changing churches QUESTION from Kim November 10, 1999 Dear John-Paul:
We are in the final moments of making a decision to change parishes. Like some of your other readers, we will have to drive at least an hour one way to attend an Indult Mass. However, we think this is where God is leading us. The drive, the inconvenience, the expense, the time and the loss of our children's church-related social activities are the crosses that we will have to bear. We hope that the decision bears good fruit in the terms of helping us meet our goal of raising conscientious, reverent, orthodox Roman Catholics. Is this a legitimate answer to the question of parish changing that seems to be troubling so many of us? Or is staying and suffering a better option for everyone?
Thanks for all you do for Christ and His Church.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on November 21, 1999 Dear Mrs. Kim:
Sorry for the long delay in answering.
There is no one answer for everyone. For some staying and mortifying themselves is the answer, for others it is finding another parish. But I think we should not just automatically leave. Rather ask God.
Since you have children, the first consideration is them. In the parish that is problematic will you have to do a lot of damage control over nonsense they are taught in CCD or other classes?
The welfare of your children is your prime responsibility.
Can the children be nourished in a parish that is problematic?
In the end you must ask God and just as our Blessed Mother told the men at the wedding party, Go ask him, and whatever he tells you, do!
God Bless.
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