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Father Gruner QUESTION from Roberta November 9, 1999 I disagree with you about Father Gruner. This priest has been trying to reveal the truth that the consecration was not made correctly. God sent Mary to send a message of consecration of Russia, not to the world, He specifically said Russia and promised era of peace. We have not had peace, so much wars, murders, sexual revolutions, abortions. I cannot for the life of me understand the Popes did not make consecration of Russia, that would be like telling God, we just don't want to be made fool of so we say the world, not Russia sounds like they don't trust God. Oh, did Father Gruner find incardation from a Bishop from Hyerabad, India? If so, thank God, he is a persecuted priest and the most faithful to Holy Father.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on November 10, 1999 Dear Mrs. Roberta:
Well, that is your option to disagree.
I find Father Gruner is arrogant and obsessed with this.
The Pope has said that the consecration was done. Thus it was done. Either Father Gruner is right or the Pope is right. If Father Gruner is right, then the Pope is lying.
This pope does not lie.
Case closed.
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