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conspiracy theorists revisited QUESTION from Kim September 21, 1999 Dear John Paul:
Thank you for giving me resources to reaffirm my initial reaction to this absurd theory. The historical analogy was very helpful, something I had read before, but forgotten. I plan to present this , along with the Scripture passages for my friend's consideration. Please add my friend and all who have fallen for this to your prayer intentions. The information my friend received came from a Catholic source, Catholic Counterpoint-- Jerry Matatics, specifically. Please publish this if you think it will be a good warning to other readers.
God Bless. Kim
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on October 6, 1999 Dear Mrs. Kim:
You are most welcomed. It is a shame when otherwise good people fall off the beam.
I do not know specifically about Matatics. If anyone has specific first hand information that Mr. Matatics is involved in such nonsense, please forward it to me.
In general, I understand why people fall off the beam on this on. There are so many abuses by so many priests that it tends to drive people into the ultra-traditionalist camp.
Once drawn to that camp there tends to be a blinding of the mind. One seems to stop thinking. Instead they tend to knee-jerk with their emotions.
As a result they see a devil around every corner that doesn't suit them. They refuse to acknowledge the massive abuses that took place in the so-called good 'ol days before Vatican II, begin to, I'm sorry for the language here, but they begin to stupidly think that Vatican II is the cause of all that we see today. Some even go as far into utter assinine stupidity as to suggest that Pope John Paul II is a heretic or not a legitmate Pope. Especially those that go that far need a psychiatric referral.
The cause of all this liberalism and nonsense we see is explained in my essay, Three Secret Strategies of Satan.
The cause of all this nonsense is grounded in the very behavior these ultra-traditionalist exhibit.
Ultra-Traditionalist are liberals.
Liberalism defined here as those who assert their personal opinions above the Church.
The so-called Liberals and the Ultra-traditionalists are mere two sides of the very same coin. Both think they know more than the Church. Both establish their own standards of orthodoxy. Both have left the communion of the Catholic Church.
It is sad. Pray for them that someday Satan's blinders will be removed from their eyes and they will return to the fellowship and communion of the Catholic Church.
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